To far to go back now

Image of THE ZODIACS<br>To far to go back now<br>The Zodiacs

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1-The fury of Katrina
2-Hoochie coochie
3-Oh baby
4-The sweeper

EP vinyl :

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First four songs EP of this weird combo from the deep south of France. You will find Three exciting rockabillies and a surf instrumental "Fury of Katrina", a very special interpretation of meterologic phenomenas.

Premier EP quatre titres de ce très étrange combo du Sud de la France regroupant trois rockabillies et un instrumental surf "Fury of Katrina", une très spéciale interprétation de certains phénomènes météorologiques.


A true vinyl ep, four titles, cooked on the wood fire, a sacred fire… like minimalist Fleshtones and trembling, which would not have more than the skin on the bones and the last thin filament from an old valve amplifier to light the road.
The Zodiacs repaint their Pink City with the colors of surf-music eternally blue and white, and the colors of the iridescent sea rollers of the Californian coast. Heir assumed to Link Wray or the Unknowns, their “Too Far Gone To go back Now” (Bang! Records) adds to the Toulouse scene the hiccupped and tart touch, key of its roots firmly anchored to the crossroads of the Fifties and Sixties. Special mention with “The Fury of Katrina”, impossible to circumvent instrumental inherent one in the exercise, and true moment of grace of the batch, false airs of traditional induced but by no means forger, on the level of a nicely controlled subject…

(Jean-Luc Manet, Les Inrockutibles #686).

Les Zodiacs ont gravé au silex quatre titres explosifs qui condensent en moins de dix minutes ce que les fitties ont pu produire de tarés magnifiques prêts a faire les pitres géniaux. pour une bouteille de gnôle. Un régal.
Les fans des Novas, du Phantom et d'Hasil Adkins n'en reviendront pas et ceux des Cramps et Link Wray y retrouveront l'Esprit et les Racines de la Bad music for bad people.
Le chanteur, servi par un groupe compétent, est un sacré phénomène, totalement démoniaque, hurlant en vrai possédé invoquant les mânes du Rock'n‘Roll qui n'en demandaient pas temps.
C'est marrant, sauvage et en vinyle.

The Zodiacs engraved with flint four explosive titles which condense in less than ten minutes what the fifties have produced of damaged splendid loans to make the brilliant clowns for a bottle of hard stuff.
A treat. The fans of the Novas, Phantom and Hasil Adkins will not return from there and those of Cramps and Link Wray will find there the Spirit and the Roots of the bad music for bad people.
The singer, backed by a strong band, is a crowned phenomenon, completely demonic, howling the truth, calling upon the deep roots of Rock'n'Roll which is the world he belongs. It is funny, wild and out in vinyl.

(DIG IT # 45)