Depression Jubilee

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1-Depression Jubilee
2-Speak Easy Serenade
3-Down and Out
4-How Could You Get the Blues About Ol' Memphis?
5-Rolling Head Blues
7-Come On Honey, Come On (It's a Bumpy Ride)
8-Sugar Bowl Red-Eye Express
9-Crump's Walk (Work Your Plan)

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Read more about Alex Greene and the Rolling Head Orchestra...

The Rolling Head Orchestra plays music from the age of prohibition, be it the 20th century or the 21st. Weaving primitive swing with the rebel music of the 1960s and 70s, they are the sole purveyors of what some call GARAGE JAZZ.

Yet, in the tradition of Duke Ellington, they aspire only to be "beyond category". They offer you a soul sonic spark to jumpstart inner revolutions of the mind, always swinging!

RHO is a veritable Memphis All Star band (for those who troll the swingingest and rockingest scenes),featuring Tom Lonardo, Marc Franklin, Jim Spake, John McClure, and John Whittemore.
Songs, singing, piano, and guitar are by 'Alex Greene the Professor,' a pod spore and onetime member of yon Reigning Sound, yon Luv Clowns, yon Big Ass Truck, and yon Kropotkins. With RHO, he composes exotic instrumental vistas and blue jungle tableaux with shrieks (anthro-illogical jazz); or the band may present mind-jarring political songs when Alex is in rant mode.

Prohibition is Now, baby!

Mais oui, vous ne rêvez pas, Bang! records sort un disque de jazz!

Afin de préparer l'été et ses longues soirées moites, sortez les smokings pour les hommes et les talons hauts pour les filles et surtout n'oubliez pas la bouteille de gin. Ce disque vous accompagnera de manière idéale au bord de la piscine.

Ca vient directement de Memphis et forcément c'est inclassable.

Entre le jazz, le r'n'b de Stax et l'echo de Jimmy Rodgers, des influences diverses et étranges à l'instar de toute la production locale.

Le rolling head orchestra propose un style "ligne claire" : pas une note en trop, un son propre direct, une ambiance années 30... Parfait donc pour changer de continent, d'époque et d'humeur...