It's different and the same

Image of LES SPURTS<br>It's different and the same<br>Les Spurts

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1-We make it right
2-Pills, pills, pills
3-Sub Kids
4-Last night in town
5-Rien de personnel
6-Girl from a ghost world
7-Gonna loose this game
8-It's a holiday
9-Not today
10-I'm through with you
11-It's different and the same

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Recorded during the very hot summer of 2003, Here is the first album of "Les Spurts" a french power trio based in Toulouse.
This is series of songs inspired by american power pop bands from the seventies like the Nerves, the Plimsouls and the legendary french band The Dogs.
Rickenbackers, power pop, rock and roll, here is the simple sound of "Les Spurts".

Enregistré pendant la tristement célèbre canicule de l'été 2003, voici le premier et unique album des Spurts, un power trio français basé à Toulouse. C'est une série de chansons inspirées par la power pop américaines des années 70's, de groupes tels, Tels the Nerves, the Plimsouls ou le légendaire groupe français les Dogs.
Rickenbackers, power pop, rock and roll, voici le son simple et efficace des spurts.