Worth the wait

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1-Hillibilly drummer girl
2-Dr. Greg
3-I don't know
4-Do Re Mi
5-Cheat Mountain
7-This man's world
8-Swirl time
10-Chasing the blues
11-Memories fade away
13-The moose
14-Worth the wait

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This summer’s release of Misty White’s third solo album, Bang Records’ Worth the Wait, is aptly named.
The title song’s mix of pain, hope and yearning sets the bar. With previously unreleased recordings of her late husband Philippe Lombardi on guitar, Worth the Wait is both love-letter and rock-and-roll return for Misty, proving that music is one thing in life that, thankfully, never stops.
The release date is June 22, 2018 on Bang!records. Produced and engineered by Lo Spider at Swampland Studios, Toulouse, France and featuring Harlan T. Bobo on guitar adding his talents to Misty’s Country/Folk/RnR style.