After COVID times, Shoeshiners was founded around Serge Fabre (ex Staretz) and Dominique Remaury(ex Sabotage) to find the essence of the trio formula. They were soon joined by a young drummer, Étienne Grimaux. The challenge was to take full advantage of each member's potential to create (read more...)


Fils croisés d'Aerosmith et de Tom Petty, Sabotage sont les nouveaux rejetons du rock and roll français, rouvrant la voix vers un retour au classicisme des années 70's.
Magiciens du riff gĂ©omĂ©trique, experts en tricotage de cordes et bĂȘtes de scĂšne inĂ©galables, ce quatuor vous renverra directement aux plaisirs simples du hard rock des dĂ©buts.

Pour ma part, mon contact avec le hard a (read more...)


Assez peu concernés par la techno naissante au début des années 90's, les membres de Taxi Driver traversent cette décennie comme dans un long tunnel. La partie s'engage vers 1989 : sortis rincés des désillusions du rock, il se penchent sur le problÚme du roll.

Retour aux guitares pures et décryptage du riff de "Mystery Train", les soirs d'été... On découvre un coffret "Sun box" sur (read more...)


SAVAK includes members of Obits, Holy Fuck, The Cops, Edsel and more.
They are four adult men in Brooklyn, New York, sharing their world as they see it. They are not afraid to write about politics or personal failings. They are not afraid to celebrate love. Or yearn for a better world. They may be cut up, but they are here (read more...)


The Rolling Head Orchestra plays music from the age of prohibition, be it the 20th century or the 21st. Weaving primitive swing with the rebel music of the 1960s and 70s, they are the sole purveyors of what some call GARAGE JAZZ.

Yet, in the tradition of Duke Ellington, they aspire only to be "beyond category". They offer you a soul sonic spark to jumpstart inner revolutions of the mind, (read more...)


Misty White comes from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. All those who come from there will tell you that it''s hell on earth. And Misty White is an angel. The Devil''s Little Angel, more precisely.

So she moved to Memphis, Midtown, still a minor, attracted by the light of Graceland. There she met Tav Falco and witness the birth of the Panther Burns. She played with them on drums throughout the year 1988. (read more...)


Straight out of the bowels of Bang records, Staretz is the gathering of a few misguided, fanatics of vintage rythm'n'blues and rock'n'roll. They are still some to worry about the famous twelve-bar blues legacy. A smell of Yardbirds, the Kinks, Link Wray, or other small white boys in need of negritude, emanates from their music ...

After three years, a debut album, and gigs in (read more...)


GILLES RIBEROLLES is the man behind Jumbo Layer: In the late 70's, he was the leader of Casino music, a french band signed by the New York city label ZE records. At the same time, he was journalist for the french rock magazine "Best" from 1978 to 1994.

Today, he makes music.... recording and playing with CHRIS WILSON (Flamin' Groovies) and JOHN SINCLAIR, the (read more...)


Bruce Joyner was the singer of the legendary band "The Unknows" who recorded one of the best rock and roll album of the 80's.
Bruce was born in Georgia and grew up with Hank Williams and the true original rock and roll. When he was a kid, Bruce had an accident and his vocal chords was damaged. After the accident, he had to learn to speak again singing along the records... We suppose that is why (read more...)


Tav Falco spent his formative years in the country near Whelen Springs, Arkansas, before landing in Memphis in the late 1960s. Co-founding with decadent poet Randall Lyon, the art action group TeleVista in which he worked alongside renowned photographer William Eggleston, Falco spent the next decade filming and photographing the city's legendary cadre of country blues and rockabilly musicians, (read more...)


Obits. From Brooklyn, New York. For sure, one of the best bands in rock and roll activity on this planet. The real r'n'r, the one that produces an aesthetic discharge in accordance with its time ... We think a bit of the Yardbirds, Fugazi or Television but it's much more than that ... A mixture of hardcore, power pop, all that ultimately transcended by rock and roll ... (read more...)


Les spurts sont nés en 2003 dans la région de Toulouse, autour d'une farouche volonté de jouer un mélange de rock and roll et de power pop américaine.

Sous l'influcence des Nerves, des Real Kids et autres Stiv Bators, ils composent et jouent dans des lieux plus improbables durant une courte année. La formule du power trio s'impose d'emblée ainsi que l'usage d'une vieille (read more...)


Les Sad Knights, sont un combo franco-americain puisque que composĂ© d'un assemblage interculturel improbable (l'improbabilitĂ© Ă©tant devenu la spĂ©cialitĂ© du label!) : Un bassiste rĂ©ceptif aux ondes telluriques du rock and roll depuis le plus jeune Ăąge, d'origine italienne comme on se doit de l'ĂȘtre, membres des lĂ©gendaires Shames Ă  l'aube des annĂ©es 80 et agitateur du fanzine Nineteen, dont (read more...)


The same causes produce the same effects. The south of the U.S. generated the Unknowns, here in France it's the Zodiacs. Obscure nuggets of rockabilly, white delirious rock'n'roll, Gretsch guitar in a fury, phantoms and zombies of any kind, tubes of Guronzan (pep pills in France), shoes two-tone, here is the universe of the Zodiacs. The fifties revisited in 2008 at the time of genetic mutations of the Island of (read more...)


En 2007, "Guts" chanteur et compositeur rassemble autour de lui quelques amateurs de Glam et de rock and roll pour fonder les milkmen. Obsédés par les New York Dolls, Mott The Hoople ou les Rolling Stones d'"Exile...", ils reprennent à leur compte tout cet d'univers de rock and rollers décadents.
Avec leurs tricotages de guitares et leurs compositions de haute volée, ils s'imposent (read more...)


Back in the french early 80's, Dau Al Set was one of the first post-punk band in the area... Influenced by Wire, Buzzcocks, The Clash and the holy spirit of 1977, they built their own musical world between original punk rock and experimental reggae. (read more...)


Les Garçons Sauvages (the wild boys) come from the South of France in Toulouse. These angry young men are really decided to be the proud sons of a certain idea of rock and roll.
They grew up with Johnny Thunders and The Saints... Here is their first 2008 debut album for your pleasure. (read more...)